Adjoyre. Huh?

Reach out, reach up.

Who are we?

Adjoyre, an initiative of the Toowoomba Adventist Church, was created by a team which runs the Dr. Nedley Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program. This is the sixth year the team have run this seminar and we have seen the great results which its unique approach achieves.

Adjoyre is an acronym for:

· A = Anxiety

· D = Depression

· JOY = Jesus, Others, Yourself

· R = Recovery

· E = Education

Anxiety and depression are the leading mental health issues in Australia, and our team wants to help people get their life back together. Our team’s satisfaction and joy comes from seeing the positive results that this program gives. They love hearing comments on how people are now managing stress, how they are eating healthier foods and how they are thinking in a more positive way.

All facilitators are trained for the program and would love to support you through the recovery program For more information, call Jenny on 0447 166 072.

Neil Nedley Depression Recovery Program

Dr Nedley has developed this program from over 15 years of research and clinical experience helping his patients. As he studied the causes of major depression, he found a multitude of causes. Although he found well over 100 causes, he discovered that the causes of depression can be summarised under 10 ‘hit categories’. Discovering the hit categories evident in each patient not only helped Dr Nedley to prescribe strategies that addressed anxiety or depression, but it also helped each person to achieve peak mental performance as they implemented the strategies. Dr Nedley found that it takes four categories of ‘hits’ being operative for mental health to decline significantly. (Please note, that under each category there may be three or four things active, but that still means only one hit).

Program participants, by taking the depression questionnaire in this program, can have the opportunity to identify their specific ‘hits’ and learn how they can address them. The program teaches evidence-based strategies to reduce anxiety and depression and increase emotional intelligence. During the program, you will learn nutrition, lifestyle and cognitive approaches.

For more information go to the Nedley Health Solutions website.