Doing life tough?

It is ok to feel some stress or worry in response to certain situations; everyone feels anxious sometimes. However, if those feelings don’t go away when the stressful situation has passed, then anxiety may be present. Anxiety is a condition that can make it hard to manage your daily life, as constant feelings of stress and worry quickly become overwhelming.

Depression, although not fully understood, often develops due to a combination of recent events, or long term or personal factors. Life events such as continuing issues with unemployment, broken or abusive relationships, loneliness, and long-term work stress are some examples of events that may trigger depression. Other personal factors such as family history, personality, medical illness and drug/alcohol use may be trigger points. A combination of these events and factors may lead to a higher risk of depression.

However, there is HOPE. Adjoyre’s mission is to help people discover and enjoy optimal wellness. We want to empower people to enjoy their full potential of wellbeing through a lifestyle which is balanced physically, socially, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Adjoyre, an initiative of Toowoomba Central Adventist Church, provides a very low cost educational program and support to help you recover or improve your mental performance.