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Currently, one in 16 Australians is experiencing depression, while one in seven Australians will experience depression at some point in their lifetime. 1

One in seven Australians is currently experiencing an anxiety condition, while one quarter of Australians will experience an anxiety condition in their lifetime. 1

Depression is the most common mood disorder worldwide. It can affect anyone and is not limited to particular cultural, social or economic backgrounds. To find out more click here

Many people suffer from undiagnosed depression. For those who seek professional help, anti-depressants work well for approximately 50 percent of them. If you or someone you love is struggling with this issue, there is hope for a complete recovery. Click here.


Dr. Nedley’s Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program has successfully given life back to thousands of people all over the world. This comprehensive program has been developed after careful research and review of scientific literature. It has allowed people to not only identify and address the cause(s) of their depression, but to improve their overall mental performance. The program can benefit anyone who would like to find out more about depression and anxiety and who are willing to implement simple yet powerful lifestyle changes. Click here.


Our trained facilitators will step you through an 8 week educational program (2 hours once per week) which is designed to identify the specific causes of your/your loved one’s depression and anxiety and formulate tailored solutions. We are there to provide support to you through your recovery journey. You are not alone… There is hope… You can be free! Click here.

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1 https://www.beyondblue.org.au/media/statistics